An Alternative Introduction to Media Goblin

Table of Contents

1 Run it ASAP

Media Goblin uses git submodules. If you do not know what these are, read this.

Run This sets up the Autotools and ensure that the git submodules are checked out.

2 How does it work.

When you run you make PasteScript setup the app for you. As

3 Appendix A: File Listing


This script is envoked by make. It calls setuptools.setup to create the python egg file. Why does it need to do this?

4 Appendix B: What are all of these packages for?

4.1 Sphinx

This is for documentation. Anything at readthedocs is generated from the docs directory using sphinx. The source format is .rst (restructured text)

4.2 six

Helps with the old Python2 - Python3 transition.

4.3 Werkzeug

WSGI helpers

5 Appendix C: Bugs

Creating collections "Budapest" and "budapest" leads to problems.

6 Appendix D: Questions

Why create the egg? What exactly does celery do?

Author: Sean Letendre

Created: 2020-05-16 Sat 13:36

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